Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2 years 9 weeks

He's still busy.

There are cars to drive.

Play dough to check out.

Grandma sent a miniature garden to Zack. Conveniently, it came on a lovely afternoon, so we took it outside. He filled a dish with water from the hose to moisten the dirt cakes.

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of wet afternoons this summer.

He scooped the dirt from the dish into the pot, then put the seeds in, covered them with more dirt and tamped the dirt down. We're happy to report that the seeds have sprouted and there are little sunflowers growing in the dining room.

At least for as long as Mom remembers to water them. Ahem.

There is much other gardening to do, as well. He loves getting his shovels out after we get home in the afternoon. He's old enough now that I can get some gardening done while he goes about his business. He's even started handing me my gardening gloves when he gets his shovels. There might be hope for a decently tended flowerbed this summer!

Speaking of which, I wish I could send this gorgeous smell over the internet to you. Our neighbor's lilac bush continues to creep over onto our property, and the cold winter seems to have done it lots of good. There's a bumper crop of blooms that have lasted and lasted--I think it's been about 3 weeks now.

There is sushi to eat. Bet you didn't realize that eating sushi was such a full body experience!

He has also rediscovered his duck, which sings the Chicken Dance. He now flaps his arms along with the duck, which is pretty darned cute!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 years, 8 weeks

A quick recap of Easter: We all had a great time. We had a lovely dinner for Mark's 85th birthday. Thankfully, Anna had the foresight to reserve a room just for us, so all the cousins could run around between courses and not get in anyone's way. I'm pretty sure that Zack was running the entire duration of the party! He had a great time with his cousins--this picture pretty much sums it up:

While he did not sleep the first night we were there (and in fact we had to go on a 1 am drive to calm him down), he definitely slept the 2nd night! He was tuckered out after all that running. Oh, and did I mention that he didn't take a nap? At all? Energizer bunny, that boy. We also had a lovely Easter dinner courtesy of David and Anita. Yummmm........

Last weekend we finally got to meet the daughter of my dear friend, Kristen. She and CJ visited and we threw a Meet the Baby party to reunite with her DC peeps. It was so wonderful to see Kristen and meet her little one. Zack wasn't quite sure what to do with a baby in the house. He's fine with older kids that he can play with, but a baby seems to be a slightly different story. He was very interested in her and needed to know where she was at all times. He'd do things like give her toys, then take them away from her. At one point when I was holding her, he came up and rolled around so his head was in her lap, and he just lay there as she poked around his face...

...and slobbered on his nose.

All in all, I think he handled it pretty well. And he still talks about "the baby."

At the top of our stairs is a set of folding doors that open to our furnace, hot water heater, and a bit of storage. Zack decided he needed to be in there the other night, a decision that I didn't quite agree with. I removed him from the closet and closed the doors. He looked at me, gears turning, and then indicated to me that I should either go into his room or into my bedroom. I knew what he was up to, but complied. Sure enough, as soon as I was out of sight, he'd opened the closet doors and was right back in there!

I made a coconut cake last weekend. Zack helped me make the frosting. He watched me use the mixer to mix it. He stuck his finger in the bowl to make sure it tasted just right. And when my back was turned, he helped to pour the can of evaporated milk all over the counter.

He's continuing to develop and grow. He's using more words together at a time, and talks about things that have happened in the past. Watching him pretend is lots of fun--he holds a sock to his nose and he's an elephant; he puts the head of his penguin humidifier on his head and he's a penguin; he pretends he's sleeping. He's started to "read" the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear with us as we read it. He'll sit and talk himself through books all by himself. He likes to pick out his own socks in the morning. He rarely walks anywhere, but prefers to gallop, run, or elephant walk. He's taken to pulling a stool over to the counter as we're getting dinner ready so that he can help. He can now open the refrigerator, pull out the drawer, and get a piece of cheese for himself (I'm not sure this is a good thing, but an accomplishment nonetheless). I'm sure the gods will curse me for saying this, but he's been sleeping really well, too--going down without a fuss and sleeping through the night.

We've been loving the warmer weather and the longer days. We spend about 30-45 minutes outside each evening before dinner. He likes to pick pick flowers, dig in the dirt, and visit our neighbor, Cecelia. He has recently become fascinated with bugs and has no qualms about picking them up (though I suspect that the bugs aren't nearly as qualm-free). I'm rather certain that all those images of Dennis the Menace's mother picking odd things out of Dennis' pockets are going to become the story of our lives soon enough. I've already picked some rocks out of the washer. Luckily, he hasn't become as excited about his pockets as he has about bugs.

At least not yet.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

2 years, 7 weeks

Easter pictures will be posted soon, but here's a story to tide you over.

As a bit of background, I've heard that Redbud trees are the true harbingers of spring, as they only bloom when it will really stay warm, unlike the magnolias that nearly always get frostbitten after they bloom. So I am always very excited when they bloom. Thus the following conversation between Rob and I on the way to NJ last weekend:

As Rob, Zack, and I were driving, I commented on the cherry trees that were along the road, then I told Rob that I'd seen Redbuds blooming.

He pointed to some trees along the road and said, "Like those?"

"No, those are maples."

"But they're red and have buds. They're redbuds."

"Buy they're not Redbuds."

"They're redbuds."

"No, they're not."

"They're redbuds."

"No, they're not."

All of a sudden, from the back seat, comes a little voice saying "They're redbuds. They're redbuds. They're redbuds."

Case closed.