Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1 year, 17 weeks

June 15, 2009---a day that will live in infamy, hereafter forever known as the Day of the Great Toilet Paper Massacre.

Luckily, the culprit...
...was caught red-handed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

1 year, 16 weeks

A few weekends ago Zack charmed the cashier at Trader Joe's and got a balloon, his first, for his efforts.

Obsessed doesn't even come close to describing his affection for this thing, even if it did shake
his world view a bit when he let it go and it went UP rather than down. He carried it with him all day and pitched a fit when we tried to take it away for meals.

It went everywhere with him.

It finally popped later that night, surprisingly with no tears.


One of the best things that Silver Spring did when it rejuvenated itself was to put in a fountain in the center of downtown.

During the summer it draws kids of all ages. We took Zack for the first time this past Sunday. We weren't sure about it at first, since he was the youngest kid there. Silly us--he held his own.

These were all taken before he got a face full of water. He felt the need to inspect one of the fountain openings up close and personal--and then the water came out. All he did was sputter and cough, though--no tears! And he went right back in.

After our fountain experience, we went and got ice cream. Yummm!

Friday, June 05, 2009

1 year, 15 weeks

Long time, no post. Things have been busy, and by the time I get home I just haven't had the energy to crack open the computer and post.

But rest assured, we're all well. And now you'll get 3 weeks worth of pictures all at once.

Over Memorial Day, we met up with our friends Deb and Shawn and their girls Kayla and Haley to camp in Cape May. What a relaxing long weekend with fabulous weather! Zack had a blast--what more could he want but sticks in the campground and sand on the beach? I have to say he's such a little boy--he was dead set on burning himself, either by camp fire, grill or citronella candle. (You'll be happy to know he was thwarted in his efforts.)

He loved the beach.

He's got his dad's feet.

He loved the pool...

...but it tired him out (this was taken about 5 minutes after we put him in the carrier and started walking back to the campsite. Out like a light!)

He had fun with my yarn.

He had fun with his buddies (this is Kayla).

But he completely missed out on some fabulous people-watching opportunities on the Wildwood boardwalk.

He was cute.

The reason for getting together, aside from seeing some really good friends, was to celebrate all the kids' birthdays--to have an Unbirthday Weekend. It's never easy for us to get to each others' kids' birthday parties, so we decided to stop feeling guilty and just celebrate all together on a totally random weekend during the year. We had cupcakes and presents and it seemed to work out really well.

Aside from his travels, Zack is just one busy guy right now. Someone recently asked me what his favorite toys were and I had to laugh. Aside from his bear, I think we could get rid of all the rest of his toys for now. He's happiest with the contents of the tupperware drawer and with the beaters for the mixer.

He's also very good at playing "Tornado"--in about 5 minutes flat he can have the dirty laundry strewn about, tupperware all over the place (I find it everywhere), and the paper recycling "reorganized". I'm surprised that he left the dish towel on the oven! See him peeking around the corner there at the laundry basket?

His words include "bear" (for his stuffed bear), some variation of "woof woof" whenever he sees or hears a dog or a picture of a dog, a variation of "meow" and "quack quack", "ball", "keys", which sounds a lot like "shoes", and the ever-favorite "uh-oh", which we hear an awful lot of. He's got a word for "belly button" and knows where his is.

He's still his happy-go-lucky self and imitates all sorts of things we say and do. He makes all kinds of funny faces, and we share jokes now. For example, the first time he touched my belly button, his hands were freezing and I let out some sort of "woo hoo" or "ah HAH". Now he touches my belly button, throws back his head and says "Ha Ha Ha".