Friday, August 27, 2010



took a walk and filled our pockets with acorns
went to a clam chowder and peach shortcake festival
went on a boat ride
went in the pool and thought it was too cold
threw whales and sharks and noodles into the pool instead
that was just the first day
went to the beach
fell asleep on the sofa
met a (fairly) new cousin
saw whales, sharks, penguins, fish, Nemo, turtles and rays at the aquarium
touched starfish and crabs
ate corn on the cob
and mussels
went looking for hermit crabs that tickled our hands, then wanted "Up, Mommy" when we realized they were scooting about all around our toes
collected shells in our bucket
collected leaves that flew away
saw where Mommy and Daddy danced
chased seagulls
swam in the ocean
played with cousins
made sand castles, then knocked them down
loved Angie's eggplant parmesan
slept in a big boy bed, then snuck into Mommy and Daddy's bed early in the morning
ate ice cream
charmed Nonnie and Nonno and everyone else
found baby pinecones and put them in our pockets
weren't ready to come home

Friday, August 13, 2010

2 years 25 weeks

Zack has learned a new phrase: "do it."

As in "I DO IT!"

Did I mention that he's 2 1/2?

Friday, August 06, 2010

2 years, 24 weeks

We went up to see Grandma and Papa this weekend so that Rob and I could go to my 20 year high school reunion. Zack had a blast with them, and reportedly was very well-behaved while we were out Saturday night. The first thing Zack would say upon waking up--at 5:30 am--was "Where's Papa?" I finally convinced him that the only way he could play with Papa ever again was if he went back to sleep for awhile because Papa was still sleeping. (And I was so not ready to get up!) They had lots of fun pulling out Geoff's and my old Tonka trucks, picking up acorns and putting them in a wagon, and checking out Papa's shop. And there may have been a bit of jumping on Papa, too. But I don't think Papa minded.

He also got to play with his friends Kayla and Haley and see their dog, Amber, on Sunday, which was also lots of fun. He was a pretty tired boy by the time we got in the car to head home.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


************BREAKING NEWS ALERT!!!!*************

Zack has been using the potty for the past three nights!

It started Monday night before bed, when he was all undressed in the bathroom waiting to get in the shower with me. He looked like he was about to pee on the floor so Rob sat him down on his potty and lo and behold, he did his business! After we made a big deal about it and high-fived him, Rob cleaned up the potty. Then Zack sat back down on it and peed again! He seemed to think the whole process was pretty cool, and has proceeded to do the same thing every night since then. He has also taken it upon himself to empty his potty in the toilet and flush it.

*******Now back to your regularly scheduled programing*******