Monday, June 30, 2008

18 weeks + a few days

What a busy week! I went to a conference in Louisville for a few days, so Nonnie and Nonno came down to help Rob with Zack. Nonnie taught Zack Italian drinking songs, I mean nursery rhymes. Something about zucchini and getting tipsy in one's crib.
There are a whole lot more pictures of Zack with Nonnie than with Nonno...
...but I guess she shared him every now and then.
I'm told that they went on lots of walks, and to the Butterfly House at Brookside Gardens.

It was hard to leave Zack, though it was nice to get several nights of uninterupted sleep. I knew he was in good hands and he seemed to do just fine while I was away. By Saturday, however, I was ready to come home. There were thunderstorms in the forecast both in Louisville and DC, and I could see them coming closer as we drove to the airport and as I was waiting to board the plane. Boarding went according to plan and I was all set for a short flight home. Until the flight attendant got on the loudspeaker and said we all had to get off the plan--there was a fuel leak and they couldn't figure out where it was. Ack! Of course, I immediately thought how I'd have to stay one more night, etc., etc., but remarkably we were back on the plane pretty quickly and only delayed about 40 minutes. To top it all off, the thunderstorms in DC held off until we were driving home from the airport. Whew! It was good to see my boys when they picked me up at the airport!

I couldn't believe how much Zack changed just in the few days I was gone. He started holding his bottle by himself (kinda looks like he sang a few too many of those drinking songs, er...nursery rhymes).
He started making quite a few new noises. This morning while we were walking he sounded like a creaky hinge. He's getting a lot better at reaching for things. He also really likes reaching out and touching faces. He's getting better at putting his binky back in his mouth, though his accuracy still leaves something to be desired.
And now, the moment you're all waiting for: His vital stats! He went to the doctor this morning for his 4 month checkup (he's very healthy and cute--that's the official report) and he is 25 3/4 inches (70th percentile) and 14 lbs, 15 oz (50th). So he's nearly doubled his weight and grown about 6 inches! I think I gave birth to a weed!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

17 weeks

Last Sunday was Rob's first Father's Day. Zack took him out to brunch at Jackie's--and then proceeded to fall asleep at the table.

Zack did, not Rob.

We took a little walk after eating. (This is an alley, not the main street of Silver Spring). He's getting way too heavy to be carrying around like this, but we forgot the stroller at home.
This week Rob got Zack to belly laugh just a little bit. Zack is sooooo close to getting his toes when he's lying on his back. He's starting to really reach for everything--our faces, our arms when we're changing him, things on the table. He's also starting to figure out that if he whines, someone comes and gives him attention. He likes to be outside, but we've got to be careful because he's fresh meat for those nasty skeeters we get around here.
He's also moving, though he doesn't know it. He started out 90 degrees from where he is in this picture.
And here he is, fresh from his bath in the robe that Ojen and Rose sent to him.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

16 weeks

Time keeps flying by! I started work part time last week, which I wasn't too excited about and was about the most exhausting thing I've ever done. But it was a little easier knowing that Rob was home with Zack while I was at work. And clearly, Zack loves spending time with his dad.
Our friends Mark and Judy came down this past weekend--they hadn't met Zack yet. I think they were charmed by him. Are there any pictures? No. Clearly we're failing as the kind of parents who document all aspects of our child's lives.

He's starting to sleep longer at night, though that's not happening quite as consistently as we'd like. He's starting to think about scooting places, both on his back and his tummy, though I'm not sure he realizes what he's doing yet. Which may be a good thing. He's reaching out to touch our faces, which is really pretty sweet. His latest trick is us holding hands while he's on his back and I pull him to sitting and then he pops up to standing. I started this intending just to pull him to sitting, but he was all ready to keep going!

We also thought he might like to join us at dinner (and we wanted to eat without him in our laps!), so Rob put his "throne" together last weekend.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Woodstock, part 2

Just a few more from this past weekend.

Zack is making friends with Zoe.
Zoe's parents are the ones that got us a fabulous gift after Zack was born--chocolate, cookies, coffee and scotch.

And this one is for those of you who think Zack takes after me.
Looks like a pea and a paternal pod to me. You can also see Zack's Woodstock themed outfit with a psychedelic bus on his shirt and peace signs on his shoes*.

*They were both gifts, we didn't go buy them special. We're not that crazy. :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

We went to Woodstock

This weekend we took a roadtrip to Bethel, NY for the opening of the Woodstock museum, which Rob has been working on for the past 5 years. While I realize I'm a bit biased, I really think this is one of the best museums I've gone to. It's a great integration of the pop culture, politics and history of the time.

Zack went with us and, as usual, he was just great.

Here he is while we were finishing packing the car on Friday.

And in the car on the way to NY.
The opening wasn't until Saturday night, but Rob gave us a special tour on Saturday afternoon so that I could really see everything, just in case Zack got fussy later that evening. It was great to be in a museum with no one else there. It also meant we could take a few pictures that we couldn't have otherwise. Like this one on the psychedelic bus.
Or this one on the love bug.
"We're leaving already?!"