Thursday, June 12, 2008

16 weeks

Time keeps flying by! I started work part time last week, which I wasn't too excited about and was about the most exhausting thing I've ever done. But it was a little easier knowing that Rob was home with Zack while I was at work. And clearly, Zack loves spending time with his dad.
Our friends Mark and Judy came down this past weekend--they hadn't met Zack yet. I think they were charmed by him. Are there any pictures? No. Clearly we're failing as the kind of parents who document all aspects of our child's lives.

He's starting to sleep longer at night, though that's not happening quite as consistently as we'd like. He's starting to think about scooting places, both on his back and his tummy, though I'm not sure he realizes what he's doing yet. Which may be a good thing. He's reaching out to touch our faces, which is really pretty sweet. His latest trick is us holding hands while he's on his back and I pull him to sitting and then he pops up to standing. I started this intending just to pull him to sitting, but he was all ready to keep going!

We also thought he might like to join us at dinner (and we wanted to eat without him in our laps!), so Rob put his "throne" together last weekend.


Mom/Nonnie said...

He is always so wide-eyed and inquisitive. Wait until he starts talking and Mom and Dad will be having to answer a barrage of questions. He's storing them all up now!

abi's mom said...

I think he's asking them now--we just don't know what he's saying!

Tracey said...

Yeah, that baby talk can be confusing!!! He is so cute!! Can't wait to tell the girls about new pictures on the blog!! So glad we're doing this-it keeps us all in touch. Mom, you should do one so you can show off all your plants and flowers and don't have to attach and send from emails. Might make your emailing a lot easier!! You could call it Nonnie's Garden

Mom/Nonnie said...

I don't have to attach. It's a snap with the Mac. I email directly from my photo lab. But you're right. I should learn how to do a blog.

Tracey said...

Oh I didn't realize that Mac does that but it is really fun to blog!!

Plus you don't have to keep emailing us, we'll just go to your blog-very easy to set up with this blog site!!!