Thursday, June 19, 2008

17 weeks

Last Sunday was Rob's first Father's Day. Zack took him out to brunch at Jackie's--and then proceeded to fall asleep at the table.

Zack did, not Rob.

We took a little walk after eating. (This is an alley, not the main street of Silver Spring). He's getting way too heavy to be carrying around like this, but we forgot the stroller at home.
This week Rob got Zack to belly laugh just a little bit. Zack is sooooo close to getting his toes when he's lying on his back. He's starting to really reach for everything--our faces, our arms when we're changing him, things on the table. He's also starting to figure out that if he whines, someone comes and gives him attention. He likes to be outside, but we've got to be careful because he's fresh meat for those nasty skeeters we get around here.
He's also moving, though he doesn't know it. He started out 90 degrees from where he is in this picture.
And here he is, fresh from his bath in the robe that Ojen and Rose sent to him.


Dom Caiati said...

I can't wait to teach this kid to pick his nose
too cute
can't wait til cc
miss you guys

Mom/Nonnie said...

It looks as if he's found his thumb. Dominick, behave yourself!

Tracey said...

He looks great and love him in the little bathrobe. Waiting for Nonnie and Nonno, Grammie and Grandpa and Rose and Stan. Having a celebration dinner tonight.

abi's mom said...

He doesn't really discriminate among his fingers--he's currently working on getting all 10 in at one time. Then he's going to move onto his toes.

As for his nose, well, I'm not sure how much help he'll need, Dom! (and remember, Rob's his dad). Can't wait 'til CC either !