Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Woodstock, part 2

Just a few more from this past weekend.

Zack is making friends with Zoe.
Zoe's parents are the ones that got us a fabulous gift after Zack was born--chocolate, cookies, coffee and scotch.

And this one is for those of you who think Zack takes after me.
Looks like a pea and a paternal pod to me. You can also see Zack's Woodstock themed outfit with a psychedelic bus on his shirt and peace signs on his shoes*.

*They were both gifts, we didn't go buy them special. We're not that crazy. :)


Mom/Nonnie said...

I love his socialability. He looks so happy with his new friend.

Anita said...

ok, I do finally see the Malootian resemblance!

Tracey said...

Yes, the resemblance is quite there!!!!