Monday, June 30, 2008

18 weeks + a few days

What a busy week! I went to a conference in Louisville for a few days, so Nonnie and Nonno came down to help Rob with Zack. Nonnie taught Zack Italian drinking songs, I mean nursery rhymes. Something about zucchini and getting tipsy in one's crib.
There are a whole lot more pictures of Zack with Nonnie than with Nonno...
...but I guess she shared him every now and then.
I'm told that they went on lots of walks, and to the Butterfly House at Brookside Gardens.

It was hard to leave Zack, though it was nice to get several nights of uninterupted sleep. I knew he was in good hands and he seemed to do just fine while I was away. By Saturday, however, I was ready to come home. There were thunderstorms in the forecast both in Louisville and DC, and I could see them coming closer as we drove to the airport and as I was waiting to board the plane. Boarding went according to plan and I was all set for a short flight home. Until the flight attendant got on the loudspeaker and said we all had to get off the plan--there was a fuel leak and they couldn't figure out where it was. Ack! Of course, I immediately thought how I'd have to stay one more night, etc., etc., but remarkably we were back on the plane pretty quickly and only delayed about 40 minutes. To top it all off, the thunderstorms in DC held off until we were driving home from the airport. Whew! It was good to see my boys when they picked me up at the airport!

I couldn't believe how much Zack changed just in the few days I was gone. He started holding his bottle by himself (kinda looks like he sang a few too many of those drinking songs, er...nursery rhymes).
He started making quite a few new noises. This morning while we were walking he sounded like a creaky hinge. He's getting a lot better at reaching for things. He also really likes reaching out and touching faces. He's getting better at putting his binky back in his mouth, though his accuracy still leaves something to be desired.
And now, the moment you're all waiting for: His vital stats! He went to the doctor this morning for his 4 month checkup (he's very healthy and cute--that's the official report) and he is 25 3/4 inches (70th percentile) and 14 lbs, 15 oz (50th). So he's nearly doubled his weight and grown about 6 inches! I think I gave birth to a weed!


Nonnie said...

Very impressive growth for our Zack. We had such a good time with him and Rob.Glad you're home all safe and sound, Erica.

Anita said...

Sounds like a fun time!

Jordyn&Rylan's Mommy said...

Erica, I haven't checked in for a little while! He is so cute! I loved all the Woodstock attire! I give you lots of credit for your travels, I certainly know that is hard. I am looking forward to meeting him in person when you come to Qtown!