Thursday, July 10, 2008

20 Weeks

It was Zack's first Fourth last week. It was also his first exposure to fire.
He seems to have the typical male reaction to it.

And this next picture? This has to be the direct result of those drinking songs...I mean nursery rhymes that Nonnie sang to him while I was away.
He didn't discriminate. He was after my citrusy tequila drink, too.
We watched the National Fireworks from the rooftop of a friend's apartment building in Dupont Circle. It's a great way to do it--no crowds, no traffic. Even though it was past Zack's bedtime, he was watching them, too.

So aside from turning into a mini-pyromaniac, what's he been up to this week? Well, he decided to totally throw us off kilter by changing his sleep patterns again--waking up every 2 hours during the night seemed like a good idea to him, not so much to us. However, last night he slept 6 hours straight, so maybe we're back on track.

He's making more noises, some reminiscent of a squeaky gate. He's reaching for everything, including my keyboard as I type this. Did I mention that he's scooting across the bed if we put him on his tummy? We tried a bit of rice cereal last weekend and you would have thought we were trying to poison him from the looks on his face, so we'll put off trying solids a little longer. He's increasingly easy to distract, both a good thing (when he's cranky) and a bad thing (when he's eating).

He starts daycare next week at a small in-home setting where I think he'll do very well.

Oh, and he found his feet.


Nonnie/Mom said...

I can see that I'll get the blame for any interest Zack shows in wine (etc.), but I know it will be a healthy, reasonable interest. He looks wonderful, and he would have loved the T's fireworks display in our back yard. Maybe we can repeat that for him when he's here. Leslie is helping me with the organization of that party on the 23rd of August.

Nonnie/Mom said...

So, Zack starts day care next week, not the 28th of July?

abi's mom said...

yep, she opened up sooner than she thought. So that works out well, though I think my parents were disappointed that we didn't need them to come down after all!

Tracey said...

The girls are loving him. They put the picture of him on the couch discovering his feet as a background. It's funny when you sit at the computer table, how his eyes just stare at you with that cute smile.