Monday, July 21, 2008

13 adults + 8 babies = 1 crazy afternoon

We hosted a reunion of our Bradley method class yesterday afternoon. It was fun to see everyone that we'd gone through 10 weeks of birth classes with, to see what had come of all the big bellies, to see how everyone was doing.

Of course, we had to line up all the babies* on the couch.
That's Ursula, our instructor in the middle. It was fun to see how the babies reacted to each other and how much variability there is among all of them.

Zack seemed to enjoy it all, even though he was asleep when everyone got there, and fell asleep in my lap before everyone left. We'll have to work on his hosting skills.

*one baby left before we got to snap the shot.


Mom/Nonnie said...

What a great idea- getting together and checking each other out. Nice for a party, but I prefer my babies one at a time.

Christina said...

it was so fun to see everyone. i love this photo.