Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Farm

Zack went on his first field trip last week, to a farm. Rob went along as a chaperone, so we have lots of pictures.

He had his first bus ride (there were car seats in it, don't worry).

They picked pumpkins.
They explored (the little guy in the striped shirt is Zack's best buddy).

They met some chickens.

They looked at rabbits.

They checked out cassowaries.

They got to ride a pony.

They met some goats, who were apparently a little too assertive for Zack. This is him telling them "Go away, goats!"

They also took a hayride (apparently that was Zack's only meltdown--he was more interested in checking out the tractor than getting in the wagon), and had lunch there. Rob called me when they got back to school around 1:00pm, generally expressing that he wasn't sure how the teachers did it every day, that they were something akin to saints. Apparently 40-some odd pre-schoolers at a farm is a sight to behold. Zack seemed to have a great time and keeps talking about the trip.

I was away for a few days last week, and it was amazing to see how much Zack grew up in that short amount of time. He learned new phrases, could speak more clearly. He's added "yes" to his vocabulary, though it's still well outnumbered by "no." His favorite question these days is "Whatchoo doin' Mommy?", or "Whatchoo doin' Daddy?" Asked at least every other minute.

He's getting even more self-sufficient and wants to do EVERYTHING by himself. "No, Mommy. I do it." This afternoon I came downstairs and found that he'd pulled a stool over to the fridge, opened the fridge doors, and was kneeling on the ledge of the fridge getting a yogurt.

This self-sufficiency translates to him wanting to help with everything, too. He volunteers to help us whenever we say we're about to do something. He put away the clean silverware from the dishwasher one day. He helps bring things in from the car. He wants to help when we cook, mixing eggs or putting in some spice or another. Rob was cooking one night and asked me to go get some basil for him. Before I even answered, Zack was out the back door to the pots of basil, picking some leaves. He was so proud to give those leaves to his daddy.

He continues to be a happy, funny, active little boy. We went hiking with our friends Mark and Judy last weekend and he did nearly the whole hike--some of which was pretty vertical and rocky. He only wanted to get on Daddy's "yolders" a couple times. As a side note, we also discovered where the stink bugs are setting up their head quarters to plan their world domination--Sugar Loaf Mountain. It was thick with them, you could smell them and taste them. Bleck! This morning we went for a walk. He started out in the stroller, but he ran and walked most of it. He seems to have all the makings of a cross country runner.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


He came, he conquered...

...he slept.

Play-doh is a favorite these days.

He made a snow man.

We don't get many opportunities for snuggling these days, so we take it when we can get it.