Friday, September 28, 2012


This was a recent conversation between Zack and I one morning as we were getting ready. As you'll see, he's a man with a plan.

Mommy, we need to buy a froggy.


We do. A real one.

What are you going to do with a frog?

I'll hold it a little bit. And I'll step on bugs and give them to the frog to eat. And I'll keep him in a basket (note: by this he meant his bug cage).

But frogs like to be in water.

I'll give him a little bit of water so he can drink it, but not too much.

I see. Where are we going to buy this frog?

Well, we're NOT going to buy it at CVS.

Duly noted. And just for the record, I was NOT able to contain my laughter.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I love how I now regularly find pictures on my phone that I never knew existed.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Good weekend.

We had a good weekend. The weather was just absolutely GORGEOUS! We all went to the playground on Saturday morning and ended up running into one of Zack's friends from school and his family, which was a lovely treat. It was so cute to see the two boys run into each other (literally), then pause a second to realize who they'd just run into. Then off they went!

Rob and I went out to celebrate our 12th anniversary and had a lovely dinner. While we were doing that, our little boy was at his very first sleepover and it went perfectly. It was only at our neighbor's, across the street, so it was a good first try in the event that he decided the whole thing was a bad idea. Rob and I were sort of expecting a call, but none came. He had a blast and was on his best behavior.Rob and I, and even Kelly, were thinking it was very strange not to have him around. Not that we reallly missed him---more like we were forgetting something pretty important. But we were definately proud of our big boy.

Georgia and I got a couple fabulous hikes in over at the trail. She is definately excited about the cooler weather.

We ended the weekend with some perfectly grilled tuna, courtesy of Rob. Zack was a big help all around on Sunday--helping me make cookies, setting the table, putting his toys away. A great way to end one weekn and start the next.

Friday, September 07, 2012


This cool dude went to the dentist this morning. Rob said he was awesome.

And so THIS begins...

Last night Zack and I met friends at a local crepe place for dinner. This place is a little hole in the wall, nothing fancy--the kitchen is right there, as is the door to the bathroom. He and his buddy had a great time watching them make the crepes, and the woman working there thought they were adorable.

We were about half way finished with our crepes when Zack asks, in a voice for all to hear,"Why is the pancake maker going pee-pee?"