Monday, July 28, 2008

22 weeks + a few days

What a busy week!

Two big highlights: yesterday, he enthusiastically ate rice cereal with bananas that Rob made for him. (And yes, some did make into his tummy)
This just confirms what we already knew, that Rob is a better cook than I, since Zack was barely interested when I made it for him a day earlier.

He also learned to raspberry last Wednesday. And hasn't stopped since.
Grandma and Grandpa came down to visit this weekend, which was great. With the extra hands around, we got started on cleaning out the garage and digging a few more flower beds. I'm not sure why there aren't any shots of Grandma and Zack, but we got some of Grandpa.
I think they wore him out because he slept through the night last night (though I didn't; I kept waking up worried about him!)

He's studying everything much more closely these days, on the road to understanding relationships between objects. The tassel on his bear is the subject of much scrutiny these days.
He likes to read while I putter in the kitchen after we get home in the evening.
Bath time is a bit more challenging these days since he is quite the wiggly worm.
He's too big for our sinks, so we've just taken to getting in the tub with him.
This week we've also switched over to the regular strollers, rather than sticking his car seat in a frame. He seems to really like looking forward as we cruise along.

Last night he completely flipped from his back to his stomach. He's been working on this for awhile but kept getting stuck trying to figure out what to do with the arm that kept getting trapped underneath him. I suppose it's not long before he puts the tummy-to-back and back-to-tummy flips together into one big 360-degree roll. Uh-oh.

"Awww, Mom. Not more kisses!"


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mom/Nonnie said...

This is my 3rd try. I think something is wrong with this blog.
The pictures are wonderful, and your comments describe Zack's amazing progress so clearly. Grazie molto!
How nice that Carla and George could come down and play.

k said...

my GOODNESS -- he is getting to be such a big boy. Cereal already?? Good job Z!

Tracey said...

Great Pictures, but too much sight-information-with one of you in the bath tub.

Tracey said...