Thursday, July 31, 2008

Week 23

There's a list of about 10 foods that we're supposed to introduce to Zack first, to make sure that he's not allergic to anything. Then we can mix and match and try other things. We try one food for 3 days and move onto the next if he's been fine with the first food. We gave him bananas for at least 3 days and he was just fine and really seemed to like them.

So last night we moved onto avocados. He's been getting very excited when Rob sits down with the food and gets the spoon ready. Last night was no different.

"Bring on the food, Dad"
"Geez, Dad, hurry up!"
"Whoa, what's this?!?"
"What happened to the bananas?"
This went on for every spoonful--excitement, then questioning, then wrinkling up the nose. Every spoonful. But he ate it.

He's getting so big! He can roll from his back to his front now, though not quite as reliably as from front to back. He's trying so hard to pull himself up to sitting and keeps getting a little further. After I nurse him, he wants to sit up and usually has a gleam in his eye as if to say "Hmmm....what can I get into now?". And then he lunges for something. He's doing well at daycare. When I've gotten there every night this week, he's been sitting in a bouncy seat with the other older kids standing around him, just fascinated. I'm greeted with "You're here to pick up the baaa-bee!".

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Mom/Nonnie said...

That's quite an exotic diet! He's going to be a gourmet diner. Maybe tonight he won't make such a face.