Thursday, August 07, 2008

Week 24

Lots happened this week.

He met his first dog, a very gentle standard poodle named Henry. Zack was enthralled. Looks like we'll have to get another pooch.

(Imagine a picture here. As usual, Rob or I were totally unprepared for a photo op outside the house. I'm going to have to start carrying the camera with me at all times.)

He started rolling. One evening, I put him down on the kitchen floor while I was doing a few things. When I looked back, he was about 2 feet from where I'd put him. He's also started rolling over on his belly at night in his crib.

We had a nice jaunt on Saturday where he "helped" me pick out another pair of glasses (I wanted a 2nd pair because a certain someone is very interested in my current pair and I could just see where that was headed sooner or later. Probably sooner.), we ran a few errands and had a nice lunch. Sunday we went over to friends' house for dinner, where I barely got to see him. He was his charming self, as usual.

We went for walks.
We fell asleep on walks.
We read the newspaper with Dad.
"Hmmm.....what's this black and white stuff? It's kind of fun to pull!"
We chilled out before having dinner (We walked in to find him leaning over like this. And he wasn't stuck because he pulled himself up a minute later).
We played while waiting for Dad to make dinner.
We decided that avocado wasn't our favorite.
But other stuff?
Other stuff is a different story. Carrots are yummy.
And so are potatoes.
Hopefully they're good for the complexion, too.
Want some?


Mom/Nonnie said...

i can't blame too much on the avocado, but at least, he tried it. It's so cute that he knows it's dinner time and gets all excited about it. A very good sign.

Anita said...

I, too, share his opinion of avocados.

And standard poodles.

k said...

SO cute! Go zack go! (and I bet he'll learn to love avocados, in time .. they're so mushy delicious!)

Patti said...

What a big boy he is! Those blue eyes are just a killerWhat's next on the menu?.

abi's mom said...

Those are are going to be a problem. :)

He's moved onto apples and likes them quite a lot.