Monday, August 11, 2008

Week 25: Channelling his inner narwhal...and Abi

He's stopped raspberrying and started making whale-like noises now. From the minute he wakes up, it's aaaaaaah.....aaaaah..aaaaaaaaah.........aaaaahhhaaa... He gets pretty shrill at times and also seems to be paying attention to how it sounds in the space he's in (it echoes in our new room). I'm a little afraid that when we're at the beach next week he's going to attract all the local whales and there will be a rash of beachings in Waterford and Truro.

He starts out the night in his crib and after a few hours wakes up for a midnight (1 am, 2 am? Who pays attention at that hour?) snack. At that point, Rob brings him into bed with us so I can feed him and sleep at the same time. For most of the night, he's cradled in my arm, but usually at some point I feel the need to readjust my position (or I can no longer feel my arm) and I put him in between Rob and I. This had worked well until about a week ago, when his ability (and inclination) to move increased remarkably. And I woke up to some feet in my face. Cute little feet, but they were, nonetheless, in my face. He was perpendicular to us and was perilously close to kicking me in the nose. We both immediately thought of Abi, who on cold winter nights would start out curled up in a small ball at my stomach and then, like those little sponges when water is added, would slowly expand during the night taking up more and more space, often at right angles to us.

He's now a big fan of apples.

All of a sudden he can pretty much sit on his own. He can adjust his balance if he reaches forward or to the side, but he still topples backwards pretty easily. He's also figured out how to go from sitting to his tummy so that he can start wriggling to whatever he has his mind set on at that moment.

Not many pictures this week, though I'm sure we'll more than make up for that while on vacation the next 2 weeks. If we remember to pull out the cameras. Just a few minutes before the one above was taken, he had his left foot on top of the high chair tray, but I wasn't quite quick enough with the camera. He had also just started pushing the block off the tray on purpose, watching it fall about half of the times that he did it. Look out, Cause and Effect, here he comes!

So he's on the floor, surrounded by toys within arm's reach and a laundry basket a little further away. Guess what he sets his sights on?

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Nonnie/Mom said...

He looks really proud of himself. Can't wait to have him around for a whole week. We all had good swims at Waterford Beach, and not one jelly fish in the clear water, but when we walked to the cove, we saw many. that's not a problem, since we don't swim there. That's only for catching crabs.