Wednesday, September 03, 2008

We're back

Let's recap:
::We went to Connecticut, then Cape Cod. Now we need a vacation.
::Zack turned half a year old on August 21. Let's not even discuss how it's not possible for half a year to have gone by already.
::Zack charmed everyone he met during his travels, and was told that he "is full of positive energy." His charm even got his picture in the newspaper.
::He is sitting all by himself and has resumed raspberrying in full force.
::He is doing a lot of arm flapping, even though I've told him that flying is not his best bet in terms of mobility. He gets his persistence from his father.
::His food repertoire now includes butternut squash, green beans, apricots and peaches (though he may be a touch allergic to those two), sweet potatoes and sand. Peas are on the menu for this evening.
::He does not seem to have a peanut allergy, as we discovered after he found a peanut shell on the beach and started munching.
::We got him in both the ocean and pool and he was fine with both, even though the ocean was downright frigid. He was probably in the ocean more than I was and was definitely in the pool more.
::He is also rather fond of the beach, as you can see from this little video clip that will have to tide you over until I get to a proper blog (imagine that it's turned the proper way).


Mom/Nonnie said...

That is absolutely adorable, those little feet burrowing in the warm sand. We do miss that smile, which we were fortunate to see each morning you were all here. Give my "Mano Mauzza" baby a big hug and kiss.

kdh said...

oh I'm so in love with that cute cute cutie patootie! I love the fact that digs the feeling of sand in his toes. That's awesome!

Anita said...

that's cool that you can put a video on here. I have to figure out how to do that.

Erica said...

Right next to the button to download pictures is one to download a video. This is shot on our digital camera, so nothing fancy (as you probably already noticed, since I can't even get it turned the right way).