Friday, September 19, 2008

Enough of this vacation stuff

(Mom thinks it's really cute how I cross my feet).

Enough of these vacation pictures. I've been doing lots of stuff since then.

Like learning to play the bongos.

And going on my first Metro ride.
And just generally being one cool cat.
Mom says this is what I get for not taking a nap in the morning.

Sleeping on Dad is much more comfortable, I have to admit.
Mom wanted me to pose with the dog so that everyone out there could see how big I was getting, so I did.
What?! I'm posing, aren't I?


Mom/Nonnie said...

He is getting big, even since the end of August. I love the ones of the two drummers!

Tracey said...

Great pictures. The ones of him falling asleep gives me memories of our kids doing that.