Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week 29: More pictures from vacation

During our stay with them, Rob's parents graciously opened their home to Rob's birth family so that they could all meet Zack. It was a lovely afternoon, with lots of great food (mmmm...lamb shish kebob...) and wonderful company.

As I think I mentioned before, Rob and I managed to not take any pictures of the event, but Peri was kind enough to send us the ones that she took--Thanks!

Let's start with a lovely picture of our hosts, Anne and Mark.
At this point, what I really need is a family tree to keep everyone's relationship straight but we'll give it a go.

We'll start out easy with Rob and his birth father, Jim. I'm guessing you can figure out who the little guy is by now. The one that has a thing for beer already.
And this is Leslie, Rob's birth mother.
Here's where it gets a little trickier. This is Daniel, Rob's biological half-brother, and Peri, who is now married to Jim, mother to Daniel. Does that make Daniel a half-uncle to Zack?
Meredith (left) is Daniel's sister, Peri's daughter. Jessica (middle), is Leslie's daughter and Rob's biological half sister. Are they half-aunts?
Still with me?

Here's an easy one.
Regardless of everyone's technical relationship to everyone else, there was enough love and warmth to go around and I think it's fairly safe to say that everyone was pretty smitten with Zack.


Mom & Dad said...

That's a beautiful picture of Mom and son (Eica and Zack). All very nice. Thank God for all the help we got from Rob and Tim. Too big a job for two people!

Anita said...

Is there going to be a quiz?

abi's mom said...

I hope not! I'd fail for sure!

pijrm said...

Erica and Rob, I love what you are doing with the blog...the postings are all so wonderful! I sure hope that you are saving all of this on a CD for Zach to view when he is older. What a wonderful journal for him to have and keep!!! It was so great to see you again and to meet your gorgous boy Zach. Again, we thank Anna and Mark for so graciously hosting all of us for a most wonderful reunion. Your blog is a great way to keep updated on all of Zach's changes and growth. Our best to each of you....Perri :)