Friday, July 18, 2008

21 weeks

We haven't forgotten about the pooch.
He's grown a little, huh? And can do a few more things.

He started daycare this week. It's probably been harder for Rob and I than for him. We're still hoping for an opening in one that would work better with our commute, but this one works for now.

He's turning into a real wiggle-worm, reaching for everything, putting everything into his mouth (he's gnawing on my wrist and playing with the mouse as I type). We're really going to have to watch him or he's going to end up on his head. He can push himself up so that his entire tummy is off the ground. He wiggles and twists so that he can reach his toys when he's playing on the floor. He's getting closer to sitting on his own but isn't there yet.

We started putting him in his crib in his own room, which works for part of the night. And we tried a bit of banana this week. He seems to like the flavor and will suck on a piece broken off for him (don't worry--I'm holding onto it the whole time, very careful he doesn't put too much in his mouth), but isn't really interested in eating much of it. He still pushes it out with his tongue rather trying to swallow it, so it's still a little early for solids.

Have we ever shown you his comb-over?
We're hoping this isn't a precursor to what he'll look like in 70 years.

"Geez, Mom"
"If you're going to start showing pictures like that....
...this show is OVER!"


Tracey said...

Great pictures!!

Mom/Nonnie said...

Good! This gives me more BRAG pictures. I brought some from age 20 weeks to a party last night. The Buttons were enthralled. They have a grandson named Zack, and they wish you all the joy and pride they have from him.

kristen said...

I need a zack fix in a BIG way -- not to mention seeing their parents!! I miss you all.

abi's mom said...

You know there's a room waiting for you whenever you want it, K! We miss you, too!