Friday, June 12, 2009

1 year, 16 weeks

A few weekends ago Zack charmed the cashier at Trader Joe's and got a balloon, his first, for his efforts.

Obsessed doesn't even come close to describing his affection for this thing, even if it did shake
his world view a bit when he let it go and it went UP rather than down. He carried it with him all day and pitched a fit when we tried to take it away for meals.

It went everywhere with him.

It finally popped later that night, surprisingly with no tears.


One of the best things that Silver Spring did when it rejuvenated itself was to put in a fountain in the center of downtown.

During the summer it draws kids of all ages. We took Zack for the first time this past Sunday. We weren't sure about it at first, since he was the youngest kid there. Silly us--he held his own.

These were all taken before he got a face full of water. He felt the need to inspect one of the fountain openings up close and personal--and then the water came out. All he did was sputter and cough, though--no tears! And he went right back in.

After our fountain experience, we went and got ice cream. Yummm!


Tracey said...

Poor Zack and his Blue Balloon friend! I sent a few pictures to Tyler of him and hope it will help keep Tyler updated on how Zack is doing.

Mom/Nonnie said...

When we were down in Silver Spring last spring, Rob took us to that nice center . When Zack got restless in the restaurant, I took him out to watch the shenanigans of all the children in the fountain-unusually hot day for spring. He was totally fascinated.