Sunday, December 03, 2006

Home is where the couch is

Abi stayed at our dogwalker's house Thursday and Friday while we moved and got a bit settled. She was very excited to get home Friday night and was glad to see that amidst all the chaos, she still had her couch.

The couch and accompanying boxes are in our living room, and this is our one spare bedroom:

And kitchen. Note the lovely countertop.

I have to say, though, I've never been so excited to do laundry! Like the fancy wine glass?

I'm posting this from our local Starbucks, as we still don't have a phone line (that comes Wednesday).

As for further updates, we unexpectedly had to get a new refrigerator because we opened our old one Wednesday night to find a lovely colony of mold. So off to Sears we went, but the earliest it could be delivered was today. So we moved Thursday, but the rental company was nice enough to let us keep our frozen food in the freezer until today. The delivery men showed up at about 8:20 this morning, woo hoo! and it's currently being installed. Our lighting in the dining room is also being installed today and tomorrow. Someone comes on Tuesday to measure for the countertop and we're told we can have that in a week. Let's hope so! And Anita, we took your advice and called Empire Direct. They're coming coming tomorrow night to show us samples, so hopefully we'll be able to move our bedroom upstairs this week--that would be quite a relief!

And thanks to everyone who hoped I could find my socks. They were, of course, buried way in the back in the living room, but I got them just in time--it's gotten cold!


Anita said...

Forget the socks.. find the wine glasses!

Mom said...

And obviously, you found your camera too! Thanks for taking the time to post the update, Abi doesn't seem to mind the clutter.