Monday, January 01, 2007

Elvis is in the house!

It didn't feel like home without him!

We were really busy this week and got a lot done. Nearly all of the boxes are unpacked (and now in a soggy pile outside because of the rain). We found Rob's teapots from China (and this isn't all of them, even though we lost 2 in the move).

Some pictures were hung.

We also bought a lot of shelving for the office and the upstairs hall. You were wondering who in the world ever goes to the Elfa sales that the Container Store holds every Christmas? Well, now you know. Rob put 'em all up, though I'm not convinced it was quite as easy a task as the woman at the Container Store led us to believe. But the result is fabulous!

We ushered in the New Year by cooking a yummy New Year's Eve dinner in our new kitchen and drinking a nice bottle of champagne. It's finally starting to feel like home.


Mom said...

You've made real progress! It looks lived in.

Anita said...

You've been busy!

Rob's tea pots look so pretty up there on the wall. It's the perfect spot for them.

abi's mom said...

It somehow looks messier in the pictures than in real life.

We've still got about 10 teapots to find a home for. I think I'm glad Rob's not still going to China!

Anita said...

I thought they were going on the little pass-through windows between the kitchen and living room? Or are those filled already?

well you just might have to build another addition.

abi's mom said...

There's other stuff in the little pass through windows. And not nearly all of the teapots would fit there. I think it boils down to having too much crap.

Jeanette said...

Happy New Year to you both. What a nice way to start the year - in your hard-won brand new addition. You will enjoy it for many years and will forget all the hassles. Today I finally caught up with all the news on this blog, E&R. Haven't checked it out since before our cruise at the end of Oct. but kept up with word pictures from your Mom. I must say that it all looks great. It was fun following the progress.