Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1 year, 6 weeks: First haircut

A certain individual (who shall not be named) had some problems with food getting in his hair and hair getting in his eyes.

"Not too much off the top, Dad!"

'I"m not sure I like this"


"I want YOU to get a haircut, too!"

I would just like to point out that I did the bulk of the cutting, and he wasn't fussing while I was doing it.

Just sayin'.

This little guy does like his baths. Rob couldn't get the tub full fast enough for him. Here he's showing me his ducks.

Like father like son.

His balance is getting better. He keeps letting go of our hands and walking a step or two. He's cruising everywhere he can.

The babbling continues apace. He seems to be linking some sounds with objects, but not true words yet.

One of the things he does say is a woofing sound when he sees a dog. And does he like dogs! He gets absolutely beside himself when he sees one, and heads right towards them. He's really good with them when he gets close. The other day there was a puppy at the playground and he had a ball playing with her. When the puppy ran away, Zack was right behind her, as fast has he could go. The only downside is he throws a small tantrum when it's time to get back in the stroller to go home.

There probably won't be a post next week because we'll be in Santa Fe--Zack's first plane ride! Hopefully it'll go well, and I'm sure there will be a lot of pictures to share when we get back.

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Mom/Nonnie said...

The final haircut looks very professional. Did I ever tell you what a hard time we had getting Rob's haircut. He would scream bloody murder every time we took him to the barber's. Finally, Wanda took pity on us and gave Rob haircuts. He was cslm with her, another reason why we loved her so much!