Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1 year, 25 weeks

Just a few random things.

The other morning I was looking everywhere for Zack's other shoe. I finally found it here, in the china cabinet. Can't imagine what I was thinking that I didn't look there first.

He's started wanting to use a fork, though he may be a smidge unclear of the concept, in that I'll give him the fork with pasta on it, he'll take the pasta off with his other hand, put it back on the fork, then put it in his mouth. But he's doing pretty well with it. When he isn't using the fork to stamp the tortellini on his forehead, that is.

Along those same lines, increasingly food is becoming a thing to explore as well as eat. This is the scene after I gave him the blue container of Cheerios. He immediately found his red cup, sat on the floor, and started transferring.

Last weekend he must have sat and played the guitar for a good 20 minutes after watching Dad play. He was very gentle and careful with picking and strumming.

He's also becoming very interested in helping. "Helping" being a relative term, as you can see from this picture where he was helping me unload the dishwasher.

Over the weekend he was with me when I swept the back stoop. He then took the broom and started sweeping things, too. The next day he spied where we keep the broom, wiggled himself next to the dryer to get it, pulled it out, and then proceeded to sweep the kitchen and dining room.

He recognizes the sound of airplanes in the sky now, and stops to listen. We haven't been able to see any yet (too high, too many clouds). He also is very interested in birds--watching them, chasing them, saying "tweet tweet".

He counts "one, two, three". Not that he really knows what the numbers mean, but he knows that something will happen on "three" because we'll often count before picking him up, going down the stairs, etc. He's working on "uno, dos, tres" at daycare. He also likes to sing the ABC song with me. He's got the first bit of the tune down to the point where I know what he wants to sing when he sings it, but he doesn't have the letters down. He loves "This little piggy..." and will try to get us to do it by playing with his toes.

We're looking forward to heading up to Connecticut on Friday for some beach and relaxation. I'm sure we'll have lots of pictures to share when we get back!

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Zack's Nonnie said...

He sounds like a young boy with a superior intelligence, and that's from an observant school psychologist as well as a proud grandmother.