Friday, September 11, 2009

1 year, 29 weeks

What?! This isn't where you store your colanders?


Zack got his first invitation to a birthday party, which was held last weekend at a kid's gym. He was a little overwhelmed by it all, until he realized there were balloons and balls and running involved. Then it was OK.

He likes shoes and has figured out how to put them on.

Well, I never said they were his own shoes!

I get this look a lot.

Last weekend we went for a little hike. After taking a nap...

... he was ready to hit the trails. The grade of the trail was as steep as it looks in the picture, and he navigated it quite well. His only problem is that he doesn't really pay attention to where he's going, so tree roots jump out at him. But Rob and I were pretty impressed with how nimble he's getting.


mom/Nonnie said...

He always looks so much older in pictures. Why can't I find his head in that one picture?

abi's mom said...

It wasn't screwed on and we accidently left it behind on a log.

abi's mom said...

Sorry, couldn't resist. The backpack has a sunshade on it (the tan part) that we pull up when he falls asleep to keep his head from flopping around too much.