Tuesday, September 07, 2010

More vacation pics

Brothers and cousins.

On at boat ride around the Thimble Islands.

Chasing seagulls.

Looking for hermit crabs.

Taking a break. (Rob sat down first. In typical monkey-see-monkey-do fashion, Zack had to do just what Daddy did)

Touching a starfish at the aquarium.

Swimming with Daddy. They both got wetter for longer in the ocean than I did.

Making sandcastles with Nonno. After seeing all the seaweed on the beach, Zack now thinks that anything green in his food (like basil in his pasta) is seaweed.

Isn't it time for vacation again?


Mom/Nonnie said...

You'll have your 4 day break to celebrate your 10th anniversary soon. Of course, we won't have thosw wonderful pics of Zack!

abi's mom said...

We've had to postpone our anniversary trip until Mom is back in action, so the pictures of Zack will continue!

mom/nonnie said...

I'm sorry to hear Carla's not feeling up to snuff.We wish her a speedy comeback.