Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time is relative

I was one of many chaperones on Zack's recent class trip to the Baltimore Aquarium. When they first gave us the itinerary, I thought that it wouldn't be enough time to do anything. Two and a half hours for lunch, a dolphin show and exploring??? But as we were boarding the bus to head home, that seemed like plenty of time, particularly when spent in the company of about 35 pre-schoolers!

It also gave me a new-found appreciation for all of Zack's teachers. I'm planning on nominating them all for sainthood.

It was so much fun to go along on the trip. I talked to him about the trip as I was getting him dressed that morning, and I told him I was going to go, too. His face lit up at that, and he incredulously said "Mommy's going to go see the fishies, too??!!" like that was the coolest thing ever. Then for the entire 15 minute trip to his school he sat in the back saying "Going to see the fishies? Going to see the fishies? Mommy, going to see the fishies?"

He had a blast. He was excited about being on a bus. He was excited about seeing the dolphin show (though 25 minutes is too long for his age group), he was excited about the rays, sharks, fish, eels, and turtles we saw. He really spends time looking at things, too, to the point where I kind of had to keep him moving so that we could get through the exhibit and not miss the bus. Every now and then he'd see a fish by itself and he'd say "The fish is talking." I asked what it was saying. "Mommy, mommy, where are you???"

And just for the record, Zack was the only one on the trip who NEEDED a fork to eat his pizza, so his fingers didn't get dirty. He wouldn't eat anything otherwise. 

I tried taking pictures but was pretty much foiled because (1) I was using my phone, (2) I forgot aquariums are dark, and (3) Zack moves too fast. So imagine him as cute as ever, just in front of a bunch of tanks of fish.

We'll definitely have to go back as a family to spend more time.

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Mom/Nonnie said...

Those field trips are wonderful. I was the chaperon for many of them for Rob and classmates. Zack just takes after his observant parents when he takes the time to really look.