Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday

Dear Zack,

Happy 4th Birthday! I can't believe that four years have gone by since you took your sweet old time to arrive in this world (and no, I will never let you forget that). And yet it seems that you've always been a part of our lives. How does that work? I'm not sure, but you might figure it out one day. Because Dude, you are sharp. And you don't miss much. I'm not sure how well that bodes for your Dad and I over the next few years, but it can only serve you well as you grow up.

You are one of the happiest, funniest people I know. It's so obvious that you love being alive. You have a crazy sense of humor and love to laugh and make jokes. Four-year-old jokes, but jokes nonetheless. While you like to have fun, you're also very sensitive to what other people are feeling. You wanted to make sure that we brought cupcakes for all your friends today, and the same for bringing Valentines to school last week. You want to know why people are sad or mad, and you don't like it when they are. You're very empathetic to Georgia (most of the time), and it's so sweet to hear you talking to her reassuringly when she's frightened in the car, or when you're proud of yourself for petting her gently.

That said, you have a very strong sense of self which I hope that you'll keep forever. You know what you want and you aren't really afraid to go about getting it. You're favorite phrase lately is "If I want to do that, then it's OK." This all makes your Dad's and my job of setting limits for you a little more challenging, but again, this will serve you well later in life.

You started writing your name recently and it's just been amazing watching you develop an interest in words and letters and numbers. You're well on your way to reading, and I just can't wait until that world opens up to you. You love to create, whether it be with crayons or playdough or legos, or imagining fantastical stories with all of your toys. You spend lots of time engrossed in these activities and I love to watch the concentration on your face.

You have finally started to go to sleep by yourself! It may have taken some bribery on our parts, and I think a few things have finally clicked in your brain, but regardless, you're doing it all on your own. And you're rather proud of yourself for it, too. There are other signs that you're maturing, too--you're much more conscientious about cleaning up your toys now, you help set the table, you were such a big boy for your first dentist visit.

I hope you know that your Daddy and I love you very much and that we think you're a really cool dude. Many more happy birthdays to you!

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