Friday, November 16, 2012

Mental Note

Last night Zack and I went to PetSmart to find a prop for this year's Christmas pictures. 

What never even occurred to me was that they sell reptiles there. And where are those tanks? Why, they are front and center as soon as you walk in. Why yes, we did spend about 30 minutes looking at those 8 tanks, as well as the birds and the fish. And yes, his desire to own his very own lizard has been rekindled. And yes, the first thing out of his mouth this morning was to ask if we could buy two lizards today. {probably not}. No, Mommy, after school, not now. 

The first thing he told his teacher when he walked into his classroom was that he was going to get two pet lizards today. And then he went on to regale her with the whole story.

I mentioned to him that we'd have to do some research on how to take care of them because we don't know how. His response? We can ask the man at the store how to take care of them. 

%^*&*&##. Whose idea was it to raise a kid who can think for himself? 

My one hope in all of this (because really, I do NOT want a lizard in the house. And those things are EXPENSIVE.) is that when we stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home, I'd told him that one time I'd seen some lizards in the rock wall by the parking lot. Well, he seems to think that he can catch two of those lizards and put them in a cage. I told him that they're hibernating now, and we wouldn't see them until he was wearing shorts again. He seemed to get that. And I'm really hoping that by the time he's wearing shorts again, he'll have forgotten about the lizards in the Trader Joe's parking lot. 

Oh, come on. Let me delude myself for a few months, please.

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Mom/Nonnie said...

Will salamanders do? two neighborhood boys were finding them under rocks on Rainbow Court.