Monday, February 02, 2015

He continues to amaze me.

This boy of mine continues to amaze me. When Zack and I got home today, I told him to keep his coat on so we could run some cookies over to Cessy. He immediatley said we should take Georgia with us. I was reluctant because I saw Jorge's car there, along with one other car, so I thought she might have company. But Zack was persistant--"it'll be good because Georgia gives kisses"--and I thought the other car might belong to Jorge's girlfriend, so I relented. 

How did he know? How did Zack know to bring her? As soon as we walked in and Jorge saw Georgia, his face lit up (and Georgia's butt started wiggling as fast as possible) and he immediately got down on the floor with her, hugging and petting her. Cessy was glad to see her, too. The entire time we were there (we ended up staying for dinner), Georgia followed Jorge around, totally smitten. I told him that he's got the keys to our house, that he can come borrow her whenever he wants. 

And I told Zack that he had a very good idea. 

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