Thursday, April 14, 2016

Air and Space

Zack had a field trip to the Air and Space Museum today. Since the first day it was announced, he has been asking me to go as a chaperone. I figured there won't be many more years that he wants to be seen with me, so I cleared my schedule and went along.

There wasn't enough room in the bus, so the parents met the kids there. He was so excited to see me! Another mom and I had charge of 3 boys for about 2.5 hours--which was pretty much the perfect amount of time.

We could barely get them through security, they were so immediately in awe of all the planes and satellites hanging in the main hall. We did a whirlwind tour through pretty much everything, spent a lot of time in the hands-on hall learning about all sorts of air and space principles, saw a demonstration about the space station, and saw the Wright's first plane. Zack and his buddies spent about 15 minutes figuring out the logistics of space toilets (picture below).

We had a great time, but I was really glad that I didn't have to ride back on the bus! I have nothing but the utmost respect for teachers who do this daily!

When I picked Zack up tonight, I asked him if he enjoyed the trip. He said "Yeah it was awesome! Especially because you came along!"

My heart may have melted just a little bit.

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