Saturday, October 21, 2006

The alternate universe of home inspectors

So yesterday was supposed to be our electric and structural inspection and, in fact, the inspector did come. Apparently what happened (I wasn't there, which is probably a good thing), was the inspector came and saw that our addition was raised more than 35 inches above the ground. Because of that he needed to inspect the joists. So to do that he asked our contractor to rip up the floor.

Did I mention that we have a fully accessible crawl space under the addition, from which the joists are fully visible?

Our contractor (thankfully) mentioned that the floor is all tongue-and-groove, so ripping up one section of it would threaten the structural integrity of the entire floor.

Upon which, the inspector happily went into the crawl space to look at the joists, right?


He told our contractor to take pictures of the joists and he'd be back on Monday to look at the pictures.

Could I make this up?

So on Monday he'll be back to look at photos of the joists and hopefully we'll be on our merry way. Or perhaps the inspector will want to see photos of our electric wiring as well. Stay tuned.


Mom said...

That is the most incredible story I've ever heard! Who appointed that inspector? Who runs the town government?
Now you two must know how Job felt!!!

Anita said...

I'm wondering why your contractor didn't know that the inspector would need to see the joists for a structural inspection.

abi's mom said...

Yeah, I wondered the same thing.