Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Wintry Mix

So yesterday there were crocuses blooming all over the place.

Today we're in a winter wonderland.

Rob, Abi and I took a walk on the nearby trail while it was snowing. It was really quite beautiful--so of course I forgot the camera. There weren't many people out and about, so we left the pooch free to roam and zoom in the snow.

Rob made a special trip to get birdseed to fill the feeder (whilst Abi was making yellow snow)...

...which Abi promptly started to eat (the birdseed, not the yellow snow. I think.).

Hopefully we'll see the crocuses again soon!


Mom said...

Oh, I'm so jealous of your beautiful crocuses! We only have green stuff, but my orchids (indoors) are still going strong.
We got our new couch Sat., and it's a perfect fit against the railing in the den. Today, we've got more snow to shovel. We don't get enough for our plougher to come, but enough to cause problems for two octogenarians. My aching back!

Anita said...

We got some snow but not enough to shovel. Then it rained on top of it and coated it with ice...

no crocuses here yet :(

Tracey said...

We got snow then rain and then a flood in our basement on Friday. Good thing we did have school well we started to have school, 90 delay. Ty and Taryn came back!!! Spent the whole day cleaning the basement.

Glad Abi wasn't eating yellow snow. Yuk!!