Sunday, July 08, 2007

Playing in the dirt

I think this might just be the adult version of playing in the sandbox. That said, all that "playing" has now gotten us a patio that's big enough for us to have the table on so we can eat outside! Particularly impressive given the 90+ degree heat we had this weekend, I think.
Abi helped, too.
And look what Geoff brought from the farmer's market! Black raspberries! (Because apparently, in his mind, providing back-breaking labor isn't enough). I'd gotten the blueberries this morning. So I ran back out to get some vanilla ice cream.
Seems like a pretty good way to top off a hot July weekend.


Mom said...

Those are wonderful pictures. I realllly get a good idea of what the full patio will look like. Really nice. When our pool losses down in Sept., we'd like to come down to check it out in person.

Mom said...

Sorry for the typos on "closes" and "really".

erica said...

That'd be great!

Tracey said...
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Tracey said...

Had to rewrite my comment-I missed up!! Anyways, the patio looks great and I can't wait to have our BBQ with you guys. Let us know what we can make while there.