Saturday, September 01, 2007

A new bench

I went home to PA last weekend, to see Mom and Dad, and to see Deb's new baby, Haley. It was a lovely weekend, despite the rather un-lovely heat.

Look what found it's way into my trunk as I was leaving:
A bench, walnut with oak legs, made by Dad. Too bad he doesn't make things that'll last!
It's absolutely perfect right there, by the back door to the mudroom. It's much more comfortable than the stoop for taking off our muddy shoes. It's absolutely gorgeous, too. I'm not sure my pictures do it justice.

Thanks, Dad!


Mom Malootian said...

What a nice gift. It looks too nice for outdoors, or will it go indoors? Bravo, George! I thought you told me you were an amateur. Obviously, not correct.

abi's mom said...

It's intended for the outdoors (and it's very sheltered where you see it in the picture), but will come inside during the winter.

Dad's an amateur only in the sense that he doesn't sell his work.

Anita said...

I was also thinking it's too nice for outdoors. But it does look great there by the door.

I've always liked the look of a bench near a front or back door. Very welcoming.

I see in the background that your patio is done - gorgeous!

abi's mom said...

Well, pictures deceive--Rob is working on the last 10' x 10' section of the patio as I type. Hopefully this weekend it really will be done! But it does look fabulous