Thursday, October 23, 2008

35 weeks

I'm moving pretty quickly these days.
It took Mom awhile to get me to sit still for this shot. Isn't my hat cute?
I went on my first fishing trip recently. Dad took me out on a boat while Mom went and looked at these guys.
That's me, Captain Zack!
Steering a boat is hard work, so I sat back and let someone else take over for awhile.
I didn't catch anything......but that was OK because look at the view!

Last night I tried to get pictures of Zack on his hands and knees, but the camera just blinked at me and wouldn't let me take a picture. So I'll try again tonight. Suffice it to say that the frequency and duration of that particular stunt is increasing (the hands and knees thing, not the blinking camera).

If he's awake, you can be pretty certain he's moving. Squirming here, twisting there, checking everything out. The amount of calories he burns in proportion to his body size must be enormous!

He's started making this noise that sounds like the Count from Sesame Street..."Ah Ah Ah Ahhhh".

And he's starting with the separation anxiety. I've had to drop him off at daycare this week, and he's cried each time. Thankfully it doesn't take him long to get over it. I'm curious to see what he does when Rob drops him off tomorrow.


mom/Nonnie said...

Northwestern Ct is certainly beautiful, and I'm glad to see Zack so well covered up. I'm still worried about active ticks. The hat is beautiful, Erica.

abi's mom said...

I can't accept credit for the hat--the wife of a co-worker of Rob's knit it for him when he was born. It was too big for him last year, but thankfully it fits perfectly this year! I think it's just lovely. She knit a matching one for a stuffed ostrich she gave him as well.