Thursday, October 30, 2008

36 weeks: Happy Halloween!

There's a local babysitting co-op that we'd like to become members of, so we went to their Halloween party last Sunday afternoon to check it out. I whipped up a batch of cupcakes (chocolate chocolate chip with ginger cream cheese frosting....mmmmmmmm)...
...and off we went.
We met a lot of very nice people and had a nice afternoon, but I seem to have only taken pictures of our little dragon.
He's been doing an awful lot of this lately, combined with rocking back and forth.
Including last night when we were supposed to be going to bed. I finally had to restrain him in my arms so that he'd stop climbing around and go to sleep. I'm sure I'll regret saying this, but I hope he learns to crawl soon so that he can sleep better at night!

He's been looking pretty dapper.
He's been jumping (and Mom still hsn't learned how to hold the camera to take these videos).

He broke his sippy cup (it landed on the floor about 15 too many times), and we haven't had a chance to get another one yet, so last night I gave him a little water in a cup. I helped him hold it, then got the pleasant surprise of finding out that he could do it all by himself!
While he hasn't quite perfected it yet...
...he did handle the cup better than the sippy cup, so I guess we won't bother getting another one.



mom/Nonnie said...

Our little boy is growing so fast! This time I got a good picture for framing, so I can put him up there with all his cousins. The cupcakes look wonderful, and what a beautiful dragon Zack is! Nice job on the costume, Erica, but not unexpected!

abi's mom said...

The only credit I can take for the costume is driving out to Old Navy one evening and choosing between a dragon and a bat. Sorry to disappoint!

Anita said...

OMG those cupcakes look yummy! I can only fantasize about what ginger cream cheese icing must taste like.. mmmmmmm

Tracey said...

Keep those cupcakes away from me. I have been doing so good in staying away from the sweets. Zack attack is looking way too handsome. The girls are going to be all over him when he gets into Pre-school. He'll be the coolest guy around!!