Friday, November 07, 2008

Week 37 and 38

Did you?

Just a little anecdote about that. Last Wednesday morning I was listening to NPR while I was nursing him. Every time they played a clip of Obama's acceptance speech, Zack would stop nursing and listen. When they went back to the reporters, he'd start nursing again, only to stop the next time a clip was played.
Last week was quite busy and I wasn't feeling so good over the weekend, so you'll get 2 weeks rolled into one.

In addition to doing this on Halloween...
...he also started doing this.
And then he proceeded to pull up to standing, but he got too distracted by the camera to do it while I was taking pictures. He's turning into such a guy--already drawn to shiny electronic things. See?

"Whatcha got there, Dad?"
And he pretty much hasn't stopped pulling up since.
Of course, along with this new ability comes a harsh lesson about gravity. He hasn't realized that if he lets go, he goes down. And he hasn't learned to sit to get down, he just kind of tilts over, which means there have been a few tears of indignation directed towards the floor lately.

He ate pizza (crusts) at Mia's Pizza with us the other weekend. He's also eating pieces of banana by himself. He's not thrilled with chicken--though I'm not sure I can blame him because I don't find it particularly appealing in it's mushed up state, either.
As you can see, he's still growing. (But look, Patti--his sweater still fits!)
I'll leave you with a laugh.


Mom/Nonnie said...

I do like his political leanings. And look at him standing so straight and tall!
I figured you were away last week-end when we didn't get our blog. Sorry you were under the weather, Erica.

Tracey said...

Loving his laugh!!

Patti said...

There is nothing better than a baby's laugh!

It thrilled me to see the sweather on him!

patti said...

Make that sweater..guess I was thinking about the weather we have here-SNOW. YUK!