Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week 39: 9 months

Work is interfering with my blogging. VERY annoying.

Zack turned 9 months old this week.

And he didn't slow down to enjoy it. This boy is cruising. We had a wake-up call last Monday when he crawled off the bed in about 2.2 seconds (he was fine, he did a nice tuck-and-roll). Then the next night he got into a potted plant and started choking on a piece of paper he got who-knows-where, all in the span of about 10 minutes.

Babyproofing has begun in earnest. Because when I sit him down to play with his toys, then start working on the computer at the dining room table, about a minute later, this is what I see:
(I have no idea why this picture downloaded in this direction).

He's crawling much more efficiently now, exploring the house on his own. He crawled back down the hall one night, so I closed the doors to the spare rooms and the bathroom. Which perplexed the little guy.

"What's with the doors, Mom?"
He likes to stand up, just about anywhere.
And exploration requires full body involvement.
He still loves the bongos.

And he likes to "help". Shortly after I took the picture, he managed to crawl up onto the door. I suspect dishwasher manufacturers don't realize how fascinating their products are to the under-1-year-old crowd.

"What's with the containment, Mom?"
He had his 9 month pediatrician appointment this week. He's 29 1/2 inches tall (80%, and 18 lbs 14 oz (20%), so tall and skinny, like we thought (Hmmmm....are these Uncle Geoff's and Grandpa's genes at work?) . But they're not worried, they figure it's because he's so active now. He's getting 3 solid meals a day now and lots of milk, so he's not starving. He continues to like everything--broccoli, carrots, corn, yogurt.

We've been trying to get him to sleep by himself in his crib this week. This is just PAINFUL. He's not interested in going to sleep much at all, and he's definitely not interested in going to sleep in his crib. Rob has been sleeping on a mattress next to the crib in the hopes that it will get Zack over his dislike of sleeping in another room. This is not working quite as well as one might want. I (am trying to) sleep in our bedroom, but it's hard to hear him cry. Hopefully he'll get it soon. I'm not made for this type of thing.

Edited to note that his weight is the 25th percentile, not 20th.

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Mom/Nonnie said...

We used to call those "containment" baskets play pens. Tim would have none of it, Anita and Rob complied. Something about that first baby?