Saturday, December 06, 2008

41 weeks

The clips are a little dark, but you can get an idea of what he's up to these days. Sometimes he works on his squatting.

Sometimes he does a little dance.

His crawling continues to improve. He's started exploring the house by himself, just heading down the hall or around the couch to see what's going on. We keep an eye on him, of course, but he's not afraid to check things out on his own.

Because of that, this was our latest purchase.
Lovely, huh? But at least we know where he is.

He's started doing this thing where he stands in front of me while I hold his hands and he leans in with an open mouth, like he's giving me kisses. It's the sweetest thing. I guess he can't help but copy what he experiences so often.

And the chatter! No full words yet--though he says "mmmmm" and "ymmmmm" when he eats--but it's not for lack of trying!~

He's got teeth right under the gum. We can feel them, and on the rare occasion that he lets us look, we can see them, too. Drooling has resumed in force. He doesn't seem too bothered by it, though he rubs his tongue over them a lot. Hopefully they'll pop out soon.

And he continues to help out in the kitchen.

"Mom! I told you--not so much oregano"
Actually, he was just being whiny and clingy, and this allowed me to make dinner.


Tracey said...

Way sweet!!! I remember when Tyler was at that point and had to put him in backpack to watch Daddy cook. It kept him out of dad's way while trying to cook.

Mom/Nonnie said...

Cute sounds and movements coming from those dark videos. I'm glad to see that playpen, or whatever it's called these days. It does give a busy Mom time to do her stuff without worrying about what the little scamp has gotten into!