Friday, December 12, 2008

Week 42: Time is relative

Zack has been post-natal as long as he was pre-natal.

Which proves Einstein's theory of relativity because I know that I was pregnant forever, and that Zack was only born a few weeks ago.

We have an Exersaucer in the kitchen, one of our containers for Zack when we need to do something and can't watch his every move. Normally, he sits in it. Yesterday I caught him crawling through it.
I suspect there's going to be a day we'll find him hanging from our track lighting.

The other night I went upstairs and found this.
Zack has discovered how to flip the pages of books and is really quite pleased with the achievement.

"See? Like this, Dad."
"Isn't that the coolest?"
He's working on teeth. We can feel and see them right below the gum. Any day now....

He's also started blowing--it's really pretty cute. Not on anything or for any reason other than he thinks it's neat.

This weekend we'll be getting our Christmas tree. We'll see how that goes. But all those ornaments of my Grandma's that she gave me last year? Yeah, those are staying in their boxes this year.

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Mom/Nonnie said...

This update is exactly what I needed today. I got home from the hospital around 3:30, and the percocet is a big help, but not as big as reading and seeing about our precious Zack. We have a special entertainment for hi, at Christmas, red noses and antlers include. I think I'll be good to go by then, and after all, I did it for all the other grandkids!