Friday, January 09, 2009

46 weeks

I was going to wait to post until after I'd downloaded all of the pictures from Christmas, but between being sick and Rob taking the camera, that hasn't happened. So I'll just leave you with a medley of random shots from Christmas and the days after. It seems that most of the Christmas Day photos are on Rob's camera, so those will come later.

My Christmas elves.
Even elves get tired.
"Dad, have you seen how cool this ribbon is?"
Grandma and Grandpa.
These were taken the Saturday after New Year's, after a brunchy thing we had. Zack was worn out after his hosting and entertaining responsibilities of the afternoon and sacked out on Uncle Geoff.

It took him awhile to wake up.
Later that day, the boys decided to check out Rob's new toy--in the middle of the kitchen floor. At least they refrained from doing a test run, though that was suggested.

Happy New Year!


Mom/Nonnie said...

We can't figure out what Rob's new toy is. Could we have some enlightenment?

Erica said...

It's a planer. Though I'm not sure if that will help with your enlightenment or not. :)

Mom/Nonnie said...

Thanks, Erica. I do have a pretty good idea what a planer is.