Thursday, January 15, 2009

47 weeks

I haven't talked about the new stuff going on with our little guy for awhile.

He likes to explore...
...and doesn't hesitate to get himself where he'd like to go.

He's getting closer and closer to standing on his own. He'll do things with both hands while just leaning against something. And he's definitely cruising around the furniture and the backs of our legs more. He follows us around the house.

He's got quite the sense of humor and cracks himself up by playing peek-a-boo with us. He continues to be really good with people that he hasn't seen before and warms up to them quickly. Honestly, he doesn't seem to be afraid of much at all. He loved the dogs that he met while we were away for Christmas. He heads towards the vacuum cleaner when it's running. And he has yet to figure out that there is a substantial drop from the couch or the bed.

He continues to be a good eater.
And a ham.
Note that I say nothing about his table manners.

He continues to like most things and is getting more and more insistent on eating what we eat. All that curry I craved and ate while pregnant seems to have paid off since just this past week he ate and enjoyed both Thai and Indian curry with rice. He was also quite fond of the orzo with a simple pesto that I mixed up the other night. He is getting more insistent on doing it himself, so we alternate him feeding himself some banana with us feeding him something with a spoon. He goes crazy over yogurt and mooched some of my blood orange sorbet the other night. I hope he realizes that I wouldn't share that with just anyone--yummy!

He really likes daycare and regularly protests when I come to pick him up at night. I think that's a good sign.

Did I ever mention that he got two teeth? His two bottom teeth popped out on Christmas day. He's still drooling, so I think he's working on more.

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Mom/Nonnie said...

I get exhausted just watching that little dynamo. I'm glad you're chasing him and not I!