Monday, February 02, 2009

Week 50

Zack started feeling under the weather last night. He had a fever and got cranky and a bit floppy. This is how he spent most of the Super Bowl.
At least we could put him to good use.

He still had a fever this morning and was even floppier. He'd look at us like "I want to be my happy, cheerful self, but I seem to have been run over by a truck in the middle of the night. What gives?!"

He's staying home with Rob today, following doctor's orders. Hopefully the fever will break today and he'll be back to him self tomorrow.


Tracey said...

sooooooooo cute
I miss Zack

Nonnie/Mom said...

I wish I lived nearer , so Zack could stay home the whole week long and get himself back to climbing in the dishwasher, playing the drums, and generally, getting into everything. I know they take good care of him at his day care, but His Nonnie sure would like s shot at it.