Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Week 51

Zack wanted thank you all for the concern and wants you to know that he's feeling much better now.

In fact, I think his appetite has returned 120%.

I've always known that there are innate behaviors and there are learned behaviors--that's pretty much what I've studied for the past number of years. What's interesting as a parent is coming to realize which behaviors are which. So the ability to let someone know that you're about to vomit and could use a receptacle into which to vomit?

Yeah, that would be totally learned.

And Zack hasn't learned it yet.

He is working very hard at learning to walk and talk, though. Every now and then when he's cruising he forgets what he's doing and lets go--then plops on the ground. One of these days he's not going to plop, or at least not so quickly.

I remember when I was little, it must have been before 2nd grade, when I knew what cursive writing was, didn't know how to write in cursive, but thought it was the coolest thing, so I'd "write" things. Things that in retrospect looked like lots and lots of cursive lower-case l's. I'm reminded of this because it seems as if that's what Zack is doing with words. He knows there's something in this language thing, thinks it's really cool, can't quite put it all together, but is trying with all his might to make it work. We often do a double take. He's imitating us more closely. I also think that he sometimes tries to say "woof" when he hears or sees dogs. It's a very soft "ffff" sound. He pretty consistently says "mamamamama" when he's upset and wants me, particularly if he's got to crawl after me. He says "da" when he looks at things. He also says "dadada" but that doesn't seem to be as specific (Rob may argue with me there.).

He's found the tupperware drawer and the pot lid drawer. I left before Rob and Zack this morning, but came home a bit later to work from home. I could tell where Zack had been as Rob was getting things ready to go--paper recycling all over the mudroom, tupperware on the kitchen floor, dish towels pulled off the oven handle, etc. etc. etc.

As always, he goes through the day happy and charming. He's looking forward to cake and fun next weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful observations. I just copied that picture to take to dinner tonight. We're meeting the Frees, the Polleys, and the Rasis at Chen's Buffet. They've never met Zack, so they are in for a treat!

auntie k said...

oh my goodness that picture is lovely. He looks so much like his beautiful mother!

Dom said...

Happy Birthday Zack!!!
miss you