Thursday, April 23, 2009

Santa Fe

I thought I'd post a few (and by "few" I mean about 20) photos of things we did on our trip to Santa Fe. There are a lot more, but we don't seem to be able to get them off the disc at the moment. We'll work on that.

Zack was excited to be taking his first plane flight. As we got on the plane, you could just see him thinking "A captive audience! Al-riiiight!"

We went for coffee. Zack made him self at home.

Zack got tired of waiting for our name to be called at a restaurant and high-tailed it outta there.

Rob convinced him that the food was worth it. Of course, this is also the restaurant that he (Zack, not Rob) decided to goose a waitress that he'd been eying all night. Fresh.

He was overwhelmed by the balloon poodle that a lovely man made for him.

While Rob and I enjoyed the weather (and some wine) on the patio...

...Zack tried to enjoy some gravel.

We went to the square and walked around...

...and made some friends, both of the canine...

...and of the human sort.

While I looked at and bought some yarn, the guys just chilled out.

Zack had his first gelatto. He preferred blood orange to chocolate.

Santa Fe is very kid friendly. This is just one example of a restaurant catering to kids. They have a whole outdoor enclosed area with a jungle gym and tables around the outside.
We thought it might be cool to follow all the pilgrims to the Santuario de Chimayo on Good Friday.

By the time we got there (about 3 hours later) it wasn't so cool anymore and we were happy to see a cow instead.

Zack also wanted to sample the gravel at Pecos National Park.

Essentially, Zack flirted his way through New Mexico. At this particular restaurant, the women at the table next to us thanked us as we were leaving, they were so charmed by him. Clearly they'd had one too many margaritas, but it was sweet nonetheless.

He also charmed all the flight attendants on the way home. They made him a toy--the blown up glove you see here. It had pretzels in it so that it made noise when he shook it.

It was a really fun trip and it was hard to come home !


Mom/Nonnie said...

We,ve got to watch this flirting business! Zack's here with us now, exploring all the cabinets and the goodies inside. He had a good supper, and his Dad is getting him down for the night. It's been a long day for both of the boys, since the flight was delayed in Baltimore, They were half an hour late.

abi's mom said...

I think Zack has no problem seeing the world as his oyster! Of course, we may have a different perspective of this in a few years when we've got girls calling day and night! :)

I hope everyone sleeps well tonight!