Thursday, April 30, 2009

1 year, 10 weeks

The many faces of Zack.

All covered in tomato sauce.


He's walking up a storm, usually carrying something with him while he does his laps. He's also now able to go up the stairs all on his own. Hello, baby gates! He's started climbing up the slide at the playground, as well as chase after the bigger kids. He looks so longingly at them running around. Soon enough!

He's got some words for things. He's pretty good at "Uh-oh". He's got a word that sounds a lot like "bear" for his teddy bear, primarily, but he also uses it for other stuffed animals, too. All of which say the same thing as dogs: "eh eh eh". He's got a word for dog that I'm not sure how to spell. He's been known to sit at the playground, wood chips in hand, shaking his head and saying "eh eh" which is what I say to him instead of saying "no" all the time. He's also pretty good at saying "blech!" with me as I fish the wood chips out of his mouth.


Mom/Nonnie said...

And Nonno, who baby sat for him for an hour, says he said "What's that? or a reasonable facsimile of it.

Mom/Nonnie said...

Also, it seems Zack can tolerate tomato sauce on his face. Anita could not! We had to be very careful when feeding her pasta, because her face would break out into a terrible rash whenever tomato sauce hit her face, even just a little bit!

abi's mom said...

You're right, he does say "wazzat?" And he's started saying it a lot more frequently!

For awhile we had to watch the tomato sauce for the very same reason, but he seems to have outgrown that.