Friday, May 08, 2009

1 year, 11 weeks

A few weeks ago, Rob went up to Connecticut to give a talk at Connecticut College. He decided to take Zack with him, particularly since it was also Nonno's birthday that weekend.

Zack liked the cake.

He also liked Nonnie and Nonno's backyard.

Back here at home he's been busy perfecting his walking. He's really starting to move! He gets a big kick out of being chased and goads us into doing it. He rarely walks around empty-handed. Usually he's got his bear...

...but sometimes it's other things.

The book says that around now is when he'll start learning programs (figuring out that there is a goal that requires steps for achievement). And whadya know? It seems that he is. Last night when Rob was getting him ready for bed he said "Let's go brush our teeth" and Zack immediately opened his mouth and said "Aaaaaah" before they even headed to the bathroom. Saying "aaah" is how we get him to open his mouth.

Some of his programs require a little tweaking. He's getting very good at shaking his head and saying "uh-uh" after he throws food from his high chair.

It seems that that sun has decided to make an appearance this weekend, so we'll hopefully spend a lot of time outside, drying out from the soggy week we've had. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Mother's Day!


Nonnie/Mom said...

Is that the same Aaaah sound he makes when he takes a drink? He says it with that mischievous grin, waiting for someone to reply in kind. He got Terysa and me to do it all the time!

abi's mom said...

Nope, different. The toothbrushing "Ahhh" is more like the kind you give the doctor when he sticks a tongue depressor in your mouth. I forgot to mention the water-drinking "ahhhh". That one's pretty cute, huh?