Monday, November 16, 2009

1 year, 39 weeks: Randomness


Caught red (chocolate?)-handed!!!!

Mommy made chocolate chip cookies for me!

He likes to help Daddy.

We were sitting at a table waiting for our pizza at Mia's Pizza on Saturday. Zack had been playing with his "meow meow" (stuffed cat) while we were sitting there, but I lost sight of it. I asked him where it was. He looks straight at me, gleam in his eye, slowly lifts the cat from his lap to above the table, and says, "Peekaboo!""

What, don't you like fried trucks?

This was the conversation at dinner the other night:

Rob: Do you want more pasta?
Zack: Nooooo. (what I can't quite capture here is the way he grins and makes fish lips at the same time)
R: Do you want some juice?
Z: Nooooo.
R: Do you want some fruit?
Z: Nooooo.
R: Are you cute?
Z: Noooooo.
R: Is that your Mommy? (pointing to me)
Z: Noooooo.
R: (pause)
Z: Nooooooo.

Sunday night before dinner, this little guy crawled up on the couch with me, stole my water bottle, and made himself comfy.

Then he snuggled up next to me.

I think I've mentioned before how much our neighbors, Ed and Cecelia (Cessy), love having Zack next door. The feeling is mutual. Whenever the doorbell rings, Zack says "Cessy!". Whenever the telephone rings, he says "Cessy?" When we go for walks, he likes to stop by and see Cessy. Now that it's dark by the time we get home, we don't see Cessy outside as much as we used to. We'll occassionally walk over and knock on the door and visit for awhile. Zack has not hesitated to make himself right at home and kind of has a routine when he visits. He needs to hear the cow cookie jar Mooooo, he needs a Ritz cracker, he has to play with the gourds on the coffee table. He is no longer allowed to play with the phone.

Since Sunday was the first day the sun had come out in quite some time, Zack and I went to the playground after his nap, returning just as the sun was setting. He, however, was not finished outside and wanted to take a walk over to see Cessy. I knew they had company, so I told him not tonight. Well, he was persistent and started climbing the fence to get into her yard!

One morning this past weekend we all woke up a bit late and were slow to get going. I was puttering around in the kitchen getting the morning started, waiting for Rob to come down to cook eggs. Zack was a little cranky so I gave him some juice and Cheerios to tide him over. He quietly took them over to the couch, climbed up, and sat there groggily (as groggily as he looks) eating and drinking.

And finally, a glimpse of his after-dinner behavior--spinning and dancing.

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Mom/Nonnie said...

That series of" NOOOO" replies couldn't be the harbinger of the "terrible twos", could it? Is he getting blonder?